Maro Griva
|  Senior Compliance Officer


English, Greek

Maro Griva has been with Fiduciana Trust (Cyprus) Limited since 2009. As well as being the Executive Assistant to the CEO she also ensures the smooth running of the administrative section in the company.

As Executive Assistant and Office Manager, she ensures the smooth operation of the firm with her robust knowledge of corporate office management and efficient handling of client inquiries, consultations, and timely access to all consultants as required. Maro also provides support to the all members of Fiduciana team in fulfilling their ongoing professional development, training workshops, and seminar presentations.

Prior to joining Fiduciana, Maro had worked in an Executive Assistant function within the airline industry.

She was born in Zambia, Africa and moved to Cyprus at the age of 10. She graduated from the English School and took a two year Liberal Arts course combined with secretarial studies in Hampstead, north London.

Her hobbies include travelling, exercise and to a larger extent personal development participating in courses locally and abroad. She is an active member in a number of charity fundraisers held in Cyprus. She also supports and takes part in anti-cruelty for animal campaigns.