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Our firm has the necessary expertise and extensive know-how of the jurisdictionбs, legislation and local corporate environments within which we operate so as to deliver effective solutions pertaining to all corporate and administrative services.
Our services range from the initial steps to incorporate a vehicle whether it be a company or trust, to its day to day management and administration up to its liquidation and/or dissolution
The main corporate services offered are:
  • Establishing, maintaining and supporting multinational structures
  • Provision of shelf-companies
  • Providing Directorship, Secretarial and Registered Office Address.
  • Providing Nominee Shareholder services.
  • Opening, monitoring and managing (as signatories) bank accounts
  • Registration to Income Tax, VAT & Social Insurance Department
  • Day to Day corporate administration
  • Assisting in the establishment of internal compliance procedures; Compiling and submitting KYC file; Ensuring corporate statutory compliance with local registries;
  • Preparation, review and execution of agreements, contracts, power of attorney and other various legal documents
  • Keeping corporate records of companies in accordance with the relevant legislations.
  • Handling correspondence with third parties and various authorities
  • Monitoring local compliance with statutory requirements and filings
  • Redomiciliation of companies
  • Corporate reorganization
  • Negotiation support and liaison with authorities
Our specialised Trust Department offers high-level fiduciary solutions for wealth and asset management with particular focus on the establishment and operation of Trusts.
Our primary practice areas are:
Formation of Cyprus International Trusts
We focus on understanding our client’s objectives and the intended purpose for the trust creation. The trust formation’s fundamental principles are identified and adjusted in accordance with the merits of the case at hand. Internal controls, policies and procedures ensure the utmost confidentiality throughout the duration of the trust.
Provision of Trustee and Protector services
We have been diligently and consistently protecting our client’s assets for more than 25 years and are often the firm of choice for reputable international affiliations.
Trust re-domiciliation
In cooperation with a wide range of international trust experts, we can assist with the re-domiciliation of trusts to and from Cyprus.
Trust related advisory
Our team has intimate knowledge of the applicable trust laws as well as the corporate and tax environment, thus ensuring our clients receive well rounded advice.
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Our firm can assist with opening of both personal and corporate bank accounts.
We maintain close working relationships with major local banks and with some of the most prominent international banks, therefore we offer a wide range of bank account services to Cypriot and international companies and individuals. We handle all banking matters with the outmost care and confidentiality.
Bank account opening in Cyprus may be for accounts domiciled in Cyprus or abroad.
We are highly experienced in dealing with a range of issues, including, but not limited to:
  • Personal and Corporate Account opening with local and international banks
  • Assistance with obtaining online banking access
  • Assistance with obtaining debit and/or credit cards
  • Provision of bank signatories; Managing payments
  • Day-to-day maintenance of bank accounts
  • Day-to-day communication with the bank
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Accounting &
Financial Management
Our team of professionally qualified accountants provides extensive and customized accounting and taxation services:
  • Preparation of computerized accounting records in multiple currencies
  • Preparation of management accounts (on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis)
  • Preparation of Cash Flow and Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Preparation of Statutory Statements
  • Conversions to IFRS
  • Specialised accounting projects
  • Issuance of tax identification codes with the Cyprus Tax Authorities
  • Preparation of tax exemption certificates
  • Escrow services
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Tax & VAT
In cooperation with our tax associates we consult on the development of a viable International Tax Strategy, in conjunction with an overall corporate strategy, including:
In cooperation with our tax associates we consult on the development of a viable International Tax Strategy, in conjunction with an overall corporate strategy, including:
  • Advice on international tax planning
  • VAT reviews and registration
  • Preparation and submission of VAT Returns to the Cyprus VAT Authorities on a quarterly basis
  • Transfer pricing issues
  • Double tax treaty issues
  • Trust and corporate tax planning
  • Tax guidance on mergers and acquisitions, reorganization and trust formation.
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The concept of economic substance in tax planning is a continuously evolving and increasingly important subject area in the economy. The absence of economic substance triggers an alert for the possibility of tax avoidance. Recent developments in both domestic and EU laws place great importance in economic substance emphasizing that international cooperation is the only way to minimize tax avoidance.
Cyprus Tax Residency renders access to the Cyprus tax framework and to tax benefits arising from the Cyprus double tax treaty network.
Substance has a different meaning in each jurisdiction. For Cyprus, adequate measures will need to be taken proving that the company is managed and controlled in Cyprus and that substantive business operations are genuinely carried out in Cyprus
As a minimum however, the following principles should form a starting basis for a foreign jurisdiction to treat the company as a Cyprus tax resident:
  • Having the majority of the directors (or any other management body) of the Board to be Cyprus tax residents is quintessential to Cyprus tax residency and substance.
  • Board meetings should be held in Cyprus, to discuss substantive issues relating to the management and control of the company.
  • Books and records, books of account, minute books, company seal and share register should be kept in the Cyprus office.
  • All financial and other transactions of the company should be prepared and kept in Cyprus.
  • Personnel should be physically present in the office engaging in the company’s activities in accordance with the business plan. To prove genuine management operations; the company’s top management should be in Cyprus. A full-fleshed office (computer, printer, dedicated phone, e-mail address, fax lines, etc.) should be maintained.
Fiduciana Trust (Cyprus) Limited – Cyprus Substance Solutions
We offer various basic and advanced substance packages which include:
  • Office space - rental of fully furnished office located in Nicosia business district.
  • Telecom and IT support Services, including set –up of dedicated telephone line for the company; receptionist answering phone calls from dedicated line on behalf of the company; e-mail domain registration; IT support.
  • Boardroom facilities
  • Internet Access Services with fast line internet and WIFI
  • Ancillary website and logo design services
  • Assistance with immigration issues of the foreign employees
  • VAT and Payroll Services, including registration of the Client’s Employees with the Department of Social Insurance; preparation of the necessary PAYE and Social Insurance deductions on a monthly basis.
  • Translation Services - translation of various documents required by the client in various languages
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Domiciliation and
Representation Services
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Investment ProgrammCyprus
Investment Programm
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